George Sotelo


George Sotelo is a NYC based designer. George grew up between Los Angeles and Mexico, which started his fascination with travel, cultural differences, local artisans, music and the beach.

From an early age George was intrigued by NYC, and in 2002 decided to move there permanently. He began his career at a major record label in L.A, and upon settling in NYC he moved into fashion where he has worked for a luxury retail consulting firm, advising designers and international retailers. In 2014 he stepped into the design side of fashion and launched his own line, THORSUN.

The idea to create a swimwear line came after several years of traveling with his friends to beaches around the world. George recognized the need for functional shorts to wear from the colorful beaches of Thailand to the crowded street parades of Rio. THORSUN shorts are perfect to wear in any occasion around the world, and embody George’s love for culture, exploration and fun.